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This is the new website of the Seattle Historic Waterfront Association.  It is designed to give your business maximum visibility and message control with minimal effort.  For visitors, guests, neighbors and fans of the Seattle Waterfront, it is a community resource dedicated to local Food, Fun and Shopping.

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How this site works for you.  

  1. Reverse Publishing:  Your Facebook posts are automatically published on the website page related to your business: Taste, Shop or Fun.  Facebook posts normally take a few minutes to appear (up to one hour).  If your Facebook page is age-restricted, then posts will not be published.  Request change / tutorial / troubleshooting
  2. Seattle Waterfront Calendar:  Post special event or Request recurring event
  3. Seattle Waterfront banquet, party and private dining leads:  Receive leads from event organizers.  Sign up
  4. Seattle Waterfront Gift Card Fund:  Receive gift card donation requests from local community groups.  Sign up
  5. Seattle Waterfront Editorial Desk:  Get your waterfront related announcements out easily and quickly on SHWA Home Page & Sidebar.   Send story idea / request edits / corrections

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